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From My Heart

To feel these feelings is something new,

For i have never felt this way before,

My heart is beating, beating for you,

I choose nobody else, because you are more.

To be faithful to you is no challenge,

For I’d search through a thousand thorns to find the perfect rose,

I doubt not this love,

But i shed this tear of a million screams,

Wondering if, I’m good enough?

I know not what to think but what i feel,

My feelings I am afriad to reveal,

I want nothing more but for your heart to heal.

So be mine again for these three words I speak are true,

There is nothing truer then the fact that I Love You.

→ Poetically Undead: If I give up completelythen I can’t make mistakes right? if I don’t...


If I give up completely
then I can’t make mistakes
if I don’t let my heart choose
if I don’t let my mind argue
then I won’t have to live
with the what ifs
or the should haves
I won’t have to face the regret
of wishing I had chosen you
instead of him
when my heart was so damaged

tumblrbot said:

Having no care in the world and doing whatever the ell i wanted to.

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